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Starbound's big Winter Update, titled Upbeat Giraffe, went live on Steam overnight. Head over here for the full list of changes and additions, which is rather long—understandable, considering they worked on this patch for nearly a year.


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This took them a sweet while to make, since their last stable update was in March '14, but the amount of hate the devs got in the last weeks wasnt really justified. I've heard and read so many "this game is dead, no update in half a year and more" etc speeches and reviews, it's really amazing. Like, really, there have been nightly builds where you could see things being worked on for yourself, they've been very active on social media about what they were doing, and just because they take their time to make it good or couldn't make it in time for the holidays or whatever doesn't mean they have taken the ca-ching and darted for the exit.

I've got all kinds of hopes for Starbound, and so far, the devs are delivering on most of them, even though they are still only in EarlyAccess. This new update no exception.