6 Ways the Star Wars Special Editions Actually Improved The Original Trilogy

The Star Wars saga has been nipped and tucked at for years by its maker, but to fans, the words “Special Editions” are uttered like venom—a perversion of iconic films. But with recent rumors of plans to finally release the theatrical cuts, we thought we’d take a look back at what Lucas changed, and how some of these… »9/28/15 1:50pm9/28/15 1:50pm

Bandai's Captain Phasma Figure Is Totally Badass

Okay, so we’ve not seen much of The Force Awakens’ Captain Phasma in action so far. But we know that a), she has amazing shiny armor, b) she’s played by Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie, and c) she’s got a cool cape. In Star Wars, that’s more than enough badassery to earn you an action figure that looks awesome. »9/28/15 6:30am9/28/15 6:30am

We Have a Crazy Theory About How Darth Vader Might Fit Into Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The first trailer for The Force Awakens announced to the world there was a brand new Star Wars villain. We then learned his name: Kylo Ren, owner of the ominous, hilted red lightsaber. A second trailer followed, and immediately we were greeted by the face of Darth Vader. The obvious question was, “Why?” »9/18/15 3:08pm9/18/15 3:08pm

Meet the Hutt Who Helped Luke Skywalker Learn About the Jedi

At the end of the original Star Wars movie, Luke Skywalker had a lightsaber and not much else. The old man who started to mentor him died at the hands of the Empire’s most feared enforcer and he didn’t know anything about the legacy he was supposed to continue. This week’s Star Wars comic shows that Luke got his next… »9/17/15 3:00pm9/17/15 3:00pm