Now Everybody Can Play APB Again for Free

Proof that you can't keep a moderately okay multiplayer online game down, GamersFirst launches the open beta testing phase for APB: Reloaded. Welcome back to San Paro! » 5/23/11 1:00pm 5/23/11 1:00pm

More Than 100,000 Register for APB Reboot

When it stopped taking applications last night, the new owner of APB, the cops-and-robbers MMO, said it had more than 100,000 requests to participate in the beta for APB: Reloaded, a free-to-play reboot. » 2/16/11 8:30pm 2/16/11 8:30pm

APB's Getting The Beta-Testing Band Back Together

Beta-testing invitations for APB: Reloaded, the free-to-play reboot of the cops-and-robbers MMO, have gone out, apparently to beta testers of the original ill-fated MMO. Beta players will return to San Paro, with their old characters intact. » 1/26/11 11:00pm 1/26/11 11:00pm

APB Goes Free-To-Play The Hard Way

In September, Realtime Worlds' cops and robbers MMO APB: All Points Bulletin closed its doors. In early 2011, free-to-play MMO publisher GamersFirst launches APB: Reloaded. GamersFirst CTO and COO Bjorn Book-Larsson tells Kotaku how the resurrection is going down. » 11/16/10 9:30am 11/16/10 9:30am

APB's Remains Remain Valuable, But Codemasters Isn't Buying

"Nine months of hard work," could salvage All Points Bulletin, the failed cops-and-robbers MMO, but don't expect Codemasters to be the one doing the work, says the publisher's online general manager. » 11/06/10 1:00am 11/06/10 1:00am

No Refunds Given For Failed MMO

Given the fact the game shut down after only three months, there weren't many subscribers to MMO title APB. If you were one of the lucky/unlucky few, don't go expecting a refund, because you won't be getting one. » 9/28/10 12:30am 9/28/10 12:30am

Global Agenda Woos Distraught APB Players

Taking advantage of the closure of Realtime Worlds' All-Points Bulletin, Hi-Rez Studios is giving APB refugees 30 percent off the purchase of its massively multiplayer online shooter Global Agenda. » 9/20/10 1:20pm 9/20/10 1:20pm

Gears Of War Studio To Buy Failed MMO?

MMO title All Points Bulletin failed, and took its developer with it. So why on Earth would a company as successful as Epic Games be interested in buying the rights to the game? » 9/17/10 8:00am 9/17/10 8:00am

APB Closes Its Doors After Less Than Three Months

The cops and robbers game from troubled Scottish developer Realtime Worlds might set the record for the shortest-lived MMO, as All Points Bulletin shuts down after a mere two and a half months in operation. » 9/16/10 12:20pm 9/16/10 12:20pm

APB Developer's Social Game Project Snapped Up By Mystery Buyer

Realtime Worlds, the U.K. developer of cops-and-robbers title APB, has entered administration, which is somewhat analogous Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization in the U.S. » 9/07/10 6:00am 9/07/10 6:00am

How Many People Are Playing APB?

Scottish developer Realtime Worlds recently entered administration, and it's rolling out play and pay stats for the recently released All-Points Bulletin to sweeten the pot for potential buyers. Who's playing, and what are they paying? » 8/24/10 4:40pm 8/24/10 4:40pm

EA Predicted Poor Reviews For APB

Electronic Arts provided distribution support for APB, whose bankrupt studio is being sold off; today a senior EA executive said the game's poor reviews were somewhat predicted internally and suggested to Realtime Worlds. » 8/19/10 7:20pm 8/19/10 7:20pm

APB's Studio Is Nearly DOA

After cutting 60 jobs last week, U.K.-based studio Realtime Worlds, the maker of the cops-and-robbers MMO APB, entered administration today, a process somewhat analagous to Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization in the United States. » 8/17/10 7:20pm 8/17/10 7:20pm

How APB 'Torpedoed' Developer Realtime Worlds

The developer of Crackdown and APB, Realtime Worlds, was recently hit with layoffs. Members of the APB team were axed, as was much of the team developing social gaming software Project MyWorld. So, what happened to the promising studio? » 8/16/10 10:00pm 8/16/10 10:00pm

APB Developer Realtime Worlds Hit With Major Layoffs

The studio behind ambitious cops and crooks online game APB and the original Crackdown may be on the verge of closure, according to sources claiming to have knowledge of the situation. But developer Realtime Worlds says it's "fully committed" to the massively-multiplayer game. » 8/13/10 12:40pm 8/13/10 12:40pm

Project: MyWorld Is The Vision Crackdown And APB Were Built Upon

How did developer Realtime Worlds go from creating violent free-roaming shooters like APB and Crackdown to working on the massive social gaming undertaking Project: MyWorld? They don't. It was the other way around. » 7/30/10 6:00pm 7/30/10 6:00pm

APB Developer Rebuilds The World In Our Image

"What would it look like if Nintendo built Google Earth?" That's the question used to describe Crackdown and APB developer Realtime World's new project, a mix of social gaming, social networking, and traditional gaming known as MyWorld. » 7/28/10 5:20pm 7/28/10 5:20pm

APB Transforms A Regular Guy Into A Pierced And Tatted Criminal

Cops and robbers MMO APB is world filled with grungy-looking criminals covered with tattoos and riddled with piercings. Now Realtime Worlds is letting fans vote on how they permanently disfigure a real human being with the Human Avatar Project. » 7/07/10 11:40am 7/07/10 11:40am