APB's Studio Is Nearly DOA

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After cutting 60 jobs last week, U.K.-based studio Realtime Worlds, the maker of the cops-and-robbers MMO APB, entered administration today, a process somewhat analagous to Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization in the United States.

Though not definitively the end of the business, many are treating it as such. All 200 jobs remaining are believed to be in jeopardy. Realtime Worlds' corporate office and online operations are based in Colorado, with its development operations in Dundee, Scotland.


The firm's administrator told the BBC they will employ U.S. staff to help sell the business with the intention of finding a buyer who would continue to develop APB.

As for APB itself, a statement on the game's web site said that "APB will continue to run, receive updates, and is completely accessible. There will be no disruption to the service."

Already, Activision has swooped in to interview Realtime Worlds staff who've either lost their jobs or are jumping ship, according to Develop magazine. Six Activision staffers are flying to Dundee to host a two-day recruitment event there.

Realtime Worlds Games Company Goes Into Administration [BBC]

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Just more ammo for the "following WoW = failure" theorists. As much as I loved the original Crackdown, maybe RTW dying will be a good thing; maybe it'll convince smaller developers that trying to make huge MMOs without the manpower, skill or funding to back it up will only kill them before they can get the ball rolling.