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"Nine months of hard work," could salvage All Points Bulletin, the failed cops-and-robbers MMO, but don't expect Codemasters to be the one doing the work, says the publisher's online general manager.


David Solari told Eurogamer that somebody will loot APB's corpse, whether it's to resurrect the game or - more likely - pick up and repurpose its technology. Solari said the game's character customization technology will "definitely" be preserved and end up in some future game.

Codemasters and other outfits have been rumored to have already bought or be interested in buying the game's remains from Realtime Worlds, which shuttered in September. Solari squashed that rumor. "We have not picked up APB. I can answer you definitively," he said, "we haven't picked that up."

APB Could Be Turned Around In Nine Months [Eurogamer]

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