APB Developer's Social Game Project Snapped Up By Mystery Buyer

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Realtime Worlds, the U.K. developer of cops-and-robbers title APB, has entered administration, which is somewhat analogous Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization in the U.S.


While the firm's administrator is looking for a buyer for the studio's recent massively-multiplayer-online game APB, it has now sold a social gaming project it was working on called MyWorld. The project was first made public this past July.


According to the BBC, Realtime Worlds employed 250 workers until the collapse. It has re-employed 23 of its laid off staff to work on MyWorld in hopes of attracting a buyer.

However, it has not yet been revealed who purchased the social game other than it was an American company. "One hundred per cent confidentiality has been imposed by the company," said a spokesperson. "MyWorld has been sold and unfortunately we cannot disclose any further details of the sale."

According to a previous rumor, the studio went under due to APB's multiple delays.


Realtime Worlds also developed the original Crackdown for the Xbox 360.

US firm buys Realtime Worlds project MyWorld [BBC News]

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seems like Realtime Worlds got a crackdown...