More Than 100,000 Register for APB Reboot

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When it stopped taking applications last night, the new owner of APB, the cops-and-robbers MMO, said it had more than 100,000 requests to participate in the beta for APB: Reloaded, a free-to-play reboot.

Those who signed up for the subscription-based MMO, which collapsed three months after launch, were invited back to the game by new developer Reloaded Productions. It's a subsidiary of GamersFirst, which bought APB from Realtime Worlds, the original developer who went bust last summer.


GamersFirst publishes free-to-play titles that have done well in Asia; APB: Reloaded will follow the same model, releasing in the first half of this year. Its closed beta should begin Feb. 28.

APB: Reloaded Receives Over 100,000 Beta Registrations [Gamasutra]

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