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Scottish developer Realtime Worlds recently entered administration, and it's rolling out play and pay stats for the recently released All-Points Bulletin to sweeten the pot for potential buyers. Who's playing, and what are they paying?


Realtime Worlds went into administration last week after being hit with massive layoffs the week previous. That means they need a buyer to bail them out, and that's why the company today discloses the player figures for APB: All-Points Bulletin.


According to the figures, the game currently boasts approximately 130,000 registered players, with the average player spending four hours a day in the game. That's not too shabby.

Slightly more impressive is the fact that paying players are spending $28 a month on average between game time and user marketplace trades.

Joint administrator Paul Dounis of Begbies Traynor said the numbers indicated good things for APB.

"These are healthy numbers and reflect positively on APB as an ongoing concern. They prove this is a very enjoyable game, which is shown by the average player daily playtime and an ARPPU (Average Revenue per Paying User) that is highest of any game out there"


One must take into account that not all registered players are paying players, however, so don't go multiplying $28 by 130,000 to determine revenue.

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