Cops and robbers MMO APB is world filled with grungy-looking criminals covered with tattoos and riddled with piercings. Now Realtime Worlds is letting fans vote on how they permanently disfigure a real human being with the Human Avatar Project.

The Human Avatar Project is a reality television take on video game marketing. Over the period of three weeks, APB fans will create a human avatar. First they select between one of two "normal" males. Then they'll help decide the subject's haircut, tattoos, piercings, and clothing. Finally, Realtime Worlds artists will highlight the game's character creation system by creating a virtual version of this human avatar, setting him loose in the game.

The whole process is being documented at the Human Avatar Project website, where regular updates will feature video of the victim receiving his haircut, tattoos, and metal-filled holes.

Right now voting is on to pick the "player," and Josh up there is winning hands-down over his competition. I hope he is compensated well for the pain he's about to go through.