Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Nintendo Mobile: The Winners!

Nintendo is officially making mobile games. While we wait to see what fruit the company's partnership with DeNA will bear, our readers imagine exciting new ways to play and pay for Nintendo games on their phones and tablets. Maybe it won't be all that bad? » 3/29/15 12:00pm Sunday 12:00pm

Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Nintendo Mobile

Nintendo is making mobile games. There will be Nintendo games on our phones and tablets. Wow. While the news is exciting, it's hard to push aside our worst free-to-play gaming fears. So let's embrace them. How bad can a mobile Nintendo get? » 3/22/15 7:00pm 3/22/15 7:00pm

Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Gaming With Paula Deen: Winners!

Former Food Network personality Paula Deen deserved a better game than some mobile puzzle fluff, so I tasked our readers with creating an appropriately epic PD experience. Mission accomplished. » 3/22/15 12:00pm 3/22/15 12:00pm

Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Gaming With Paula Deen

Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Agents Of Nvidia Shield: Winners! 

No One Can Handle Six Pies At Once, Even On Ultimate Pi Day

It's March 14, 2015, the last day the U.S. date will align with the first five digits of pi until 2115. If that's not cause for celebration, then I'd probably just find some other reason to review six of the best pies the U.S. has to offer. I'm dedicated like that. » 3/14/15 8:30pm 3/14/15 8:30pm

Excerpts From an Erotic Shadow the Hedgehog/Borderlands Fan Ficton

Searching as I do from time to time through the video game crossover wonderland that is FanFiction.net, I happened to turn off the mature story filter for a split-second, during which I encountered the raunchiest, steamiest Shadow the Hedgehog-meets-Borderlands story I've ever read. » 3/14/15 4:00pm 3/14/15 4:00pm

The Thrilling Sequel To Daylight Saving Time: The Movie

"He's killing during the hour that doesn't exist!" From the makers of Saving Daylight comes Saving Daylight: The Vanishing Hour. » 3/09/15 12:06am 3/09/15 12:06am

Taco Bell Has Created Deep-Fried, Cream-Filled Cap'n Crunch Balls

Japan Crate Snack Subscription Service Revisted: Three Months Later

Back in October I tried out Japan Crate, a service that ships boxes of mysterious Japanese snacks to your door once a month. I liked it, mostly, but you don't really know a subscription service until you've subscribed for a bit, so I went two more months. » 1/04/15 6:30pm 1/04/15 6:30pm

The Cupcakeceratops And Other Delicious Dinosaur Mash-Ups

Snacktaku is always on the lookout for new things to eat, but we also accept new ways to eat old things. Spanish artist Alejo Malia's mouthwatering Jurassic Sweet series fits the bill quite nicely. Any couple hundred people want to split a Donutsaurus Rex? » 1/03/15 11:00am 1/03/15 11:00am

"How Much Can You Eat?" And Other Mildly Frightening Food Facts

One of America's biggest eating days is almost upon us, but before we eat all of the things, how much of the things can we really eat? Vsauce3's latest video has the answer to this and a smorgasbord of other eating inquiries. » 11/25/14 5:00pm 11/25/14 5:00pm

America Picks Wasabi Ginger Lay's Potato Chips For Some Stupid Reason

For the second year in a row, America has let me down. Lay's 2nd annual "Do Us A Flavor" competition is over, and Cappuccino did not win. » 10/21/14 9:20am 10/21/14 9:20am

Hospital Food: The Snacktaku Review

Last weekend I had the opportunity to stay at one of Atlanta's premiere medical hot-spots, where I was sliced open to have my innards fiddled with. Afterwards I was presented with this magnificent feast. It was almost as pleasant. » 9/01/14 3:00pm 9/01/14 3:00pm

This Is BronyCon

Ponies are largely the focus here at BronyCon 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland, but they're also an accessory, a colorful ticket for fans of other elements of geek culture to join the party. They really do go with anything. » 8/01/14 4:15pm 8/01/14 4:15pm

Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Supposed To Melt, Walmart

If you read Snacktaku's review of ice cream sandwiches last year, then you know I hold the combination of vanilla ice cream and chocolate wafers somewhat sacred. So when I see an ice cream sandwich that can sit outside at 80 degrees for over an hour without melting, I begin to worry. » 7/29/14 9:00am 7/29/14 9:00am

Lay's 2014 'Do Us A Flavor' Potato Chips: The Snacktaku Review

Earlier this week Frito-Lay announced the four finalists in its annual 'Do Us A Flavor' fan-made potato chip flavor contest — Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger, Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese, Wavy Mango Salsa and Cappuccino. Which one wins my mouth? » 7/19/14 6:00pm 7/19/14 6:00pm

Potato Salad Meets Kickstarter Goal 200 Times Over [UPDATE]

Zack Danger Brown of Columbus, Ohio wanted $10 to make some potato salad, so he went to Kickstarter. Now he has more than $2,000 to make potato salad, proving a long-standing theory here at Snacktaku — potato salad is pretty great. Update: My god. » 7/05/14 7:21pm 7/05/14 7:21pm