Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Lighten Up, Dark Souls

I know that fans of From Software’s brutal action role-playing games love their darkness, but with the third game hitting shelves last week I am getting sick and tired of dreary screenshots. Let’s brighten ‘em up a bit, shall we?

Update Tuesday 4/19: Four days left! Let’s make it light and fluffy, people!

In this installment of our increasingly bi-weekly image manipulation contest, we bring color and light and softness to a world of rusted armor, darkness and death. Grab a Dark Souls screenshot. Something official from the website or something snapped by a fan, doesn’t matter. Take that and make it a little bit . . . fluffier.


If you want the base image decision made for you, here’s one of my favorites, cribbed from the Dark Souls III Steam listing.

There is not a single bunny in that shot. It’s just depressing.

Again that’s just a suggestion image. Any in-game-ish shot from the series will do. Take it, and do to Dark Souls what Diablo 3 did to Diablo.


We’ll reconvene next Saturday to praise the sunny days, rainbows and puppies.

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