Kotaku 'Shop Contest: A Rift In Your Bank Account

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The future of looking at fake things is upon us, and it costs $600. Many people are upset over the official price tag for the Oculus Rift, but as the image manipulators in our community will no doubt prove, it could be worse.


I mean really, that $600 only takes into account the basic version of the Rift, all plain and black. What if it were gold-plated? What if it came with a special car peripheral for driving games, or a rollercoaster for perfecting that rollercoaster simulation? What if they threw in a sandwich?

Grab your favorite Oculus Rift image—the official website has some ripe ones—and give us a version of the virtual reality headset that goes above and beyond the $600 asking price.

Submissions are due by next Saturday. I believe in you all.

How To Upload Images — Instructions

1. Create your ‘Shop and save it to your desktop. Images must be at least 800 pixels wide. If they aren’t, you will be playfully spanked.

2. Go to the bottom of this post

3. This brings up a comment window. Click

4. This brings up Click “Choose file” if you’re uploading your ‘shop from your desktop

5. Alternatively, you can upload the ‘Shop to a free image hosting service. I suggest imgur. Then paste the image’s URL into the field that says “Image URL.” Note: this must be the URL of the image itself, not the page where it is displayed. That means the URL ends in .jpg, .gif, .png, whatever.

6. Add editorial commentary and hit submit and your image will load. If it doesn’t, upload the image to imgur and paste the image URL as a comment. I promise I will look at it.

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