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Sneaks up on you, doesn’t it? As we did in 2014 and 2015, it’s time to dress up the Los Angeles Convention Center in it’s E3 clothes, or at least the E3 clothes we’d like to see it wear.


Originally posted 6/5/2016 — We’re halfway there, living on a prayer and all that. Winners will be posted Saturday, after which all hell breaks loose.

Who knows how many more years we’ll have to savor the anticipation of a new E3? Perhaps in 2018 we’ll all be attending via online streaming or virtual reality. Game demos will be beamed out over the internet, executive interviews will be performed is Second Life for some reason. I’m not a very good futurist.

Perhaps you folks can do better. We’ll start a short distance into the future, say about a week and a day or two. What does your fantasy E3 look like?

Here’s this year’s base image:

 Image credit: logoboom /
Image credit: logoboom /

Work your Photoshop / MS Paint / that other one magic. Post your entries in the comments, and we’ll announce the winners on Saturday, the eve of the first major E3 2016 events.

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