The $600 Oculus Rift is a pricey piece of equipment at launch, but it could be worse. Much, much worse, as our Photoshop-friendly community demonstrates in the winning entries from last week’s ‘shop contest.

Good old Hundredgunner slapped a Rift on the head of former asshole pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli (clearly the name of a Warhammer rat person), changed one word in a news scrawl and made smug bastard history.

But Hundredgunner was not alone in crafting humorous visual commentary on the price of the Oculus Rift. Several dozen people entered last weeks contest, and ten of those are joining the Hundredgunner celebration as bundled winner accessories.

In the interest of expediting the weekly results post, I’m going to see how limiting the runners-up to 10 works out. To see the full range of entries, hit up the original post. And remember, 800 pixels wide is the entry requirement

This Week’s Add-On Accessories


Flawed_Logic predicts the future.

dangerism wonders who can put a price tag on the perception of depth.


KIREEK keeps things so real.

SonOfSisyphus wants us to feed dollars into our eyeholes.


Kurohei doesn’t believe in trusting in the force.

sciteach practices the Ludovico technique.


Polyninja imagines the ultimate bundle.

Kyo Hamashi delivers a Rift I would gladly pay $600 for.


HGFoxFire takes a more traditional route to expensive electronics.

Laz figures Steve Harvey’s career is worth more than $600.

And of course...


Hundredgunner for the win!

What sort of Photoshop shenanigans will we get into this week? Tune in later today and find out!