Last week we tasked our Photoshop-savvy readers with cheering up an incredibly sad Damian Wayne. Most were not good at cheering up a baby superhero, but they failed in such entertaining ways it hardly mattered.

The idea was that we’d place Bruce Wayne’s son, despondent over the fact that his father no longer remembers him, in happy places. You know, to cheer him up. Some of you did this. Some of you were horrible instead.


And others just ran with Damian’s emo expression, like this week’s winner, MrDeadScott. The parallels here were just too perfect.

Check out the rest of this week’s winners below, and then scroll further for the ten best entries from the Game Developer Barbie ‘shop contest from the week prior, as promised.

This Week’s Other Robins

Ozimov went all Porco Rosso on poor Robin.
Leftoverpieces knows the true joy of the bunny suit.
Jooki knew that not even a mildly sociopathic child could keep from smiling when Kojima got his award.
Orionsangel was politely asked to leave the Trump rally.
Daeskaarj wins for the pun “Heavy Wayne.”
z31t knows it could be worse for Damian.
Dammit, Optimus_Rhyme.
Cartoonivore kept things topical on the 15th anniversary of Clive Barker’s Undying.
Doctor Nein went to a really dark place.
SteveFish raises all sorts of complicated issues.
ThatGuyFromThatOneTime actually tried to cheer Damian up. Not his fault it didn’t work.
Omeanizot thinks stroking young assassins is okay.
JustWaitingForAMate addresses the red nose issue.
BlueMonk makes me wish for a slightly better Deadpool movie.
DistractedObserver knows what I like.
KingoftheUnicats really tried.
SoraRiku tries dad jokes.
My other car was the other woman throws a pizza party that’s sure to end in fun and not death at all.
Doraemon and I had the same thought.
SenpaiGravy just makes Damian miss his mom.
Bloodfart2112 takes that same thought a little further.
At Risk Asterisk imagines a game I’d really love to play.
Ryan M Holt actually makes a lot of sense with this image.

And of course...

...MrDeadScott for the win!

And before we go, as promised, the winners for the Game Developer Barbie ‘shop contest, which were delayed because some people are real jerks. Note that the overall winner would have most likely been MrDeadScott as well, so we’re disqualifying him from winning until he wins another.

The Top Ten Game Developer Barbie Entries

MrDeadScott pretty much nails the game developer cubical vibe.
The U.N. wishes it had crystal cylinder podiums, DistractedObserver.
coolmanguy’s Jonathan Blow pee jug reference was too perfect.
ThatOneGuyFromThatOneTime is one of several entrants who beat the living hell out of Konami.
Doctor Nein’s was pretty much perfect.
zombie711 puts that crystal podium in the proper place.
David’s portrayal of Barbie working on Sims DLC felt right.
Johosophat knows where this is going.
F4LV makes me wonder why they don’t make pre-bald Barbies. Sick of shaving them myself.
SpiffmasterPrime knows who’s going to be working on Half-Life 3, as long as she isn’t an ass.

And we’re done! Remind me never to let two contests pile up together like that again. I’ve been sitting here for hours. Join us tomorrow for a new ‘Shop Contest that may or many not feature them Pokemons.

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