Last week we asked our ‘Shop-savvy readers to show us who could play Detective Pikachu in the upcoming live-action film. It all came down to a coin-toss.

I couldn’t decide between Hans Maulworf’s excellent Magnum P.I.K.A.C.H.U. entry and MrDeadScott’s equally amazing Chu Detective.

And so I flipped a coin. Magnum won. Then I flipped again, as I’d used Magnum in a tweet earlier in the week and wanted to give Chu Detective a fair shake. Magnum won again. I am a slave to chance.

Grats to both, the very-nearly winner and the definitely winner. Scroll down for the folks who also won, but not at coin-toss level.

This Weekachu’s Runners-Up

He’s played a detective, has the range and electricity shoots out of his ass, OldFactioned is on to something here.

JayJammer’s entry makes it because Charlie Day should be in everything.

Nick Liam Holmes makes it for the sheer horror factor.

PuppetStrett makes it for adding Diagnosis Murkrow to things I say all the time for no reason.

doctorglass remembers the classics.

Of all the Batman entries, I liked Cloudkey’s the best.

I’d go see this, ConManEd.

cecil_banon suggests a more height appropriate actor.

Robi_Joseph thinks Jim Carey could pull it off, and he could use the work.

I was not expecting this, graham2K.

Pete makes it based on Also_Ran’s comment: “Gotta catch ‘em all. No, really, he’s gotta catch ‘em all.”

Arch Duke Maxyenko proves that Idris Elba can do anything.

This. A thousand times this, zombie711.

Not an actor, but enchanted-fern’s image is just too awesome.

GiantBoyDetective is extremely qualified to make this call.

Yes Velduanga, Angelina Chu-lie is a fetish.

I guess that counts as Thundershock, Mrichston.

At Risk Asterix evokes CyberSleuth, earning a spot by default.

Who is your trainer, and what does he do, Ssmoomix?

I just really like Iharm’s use of Cumberbatch hair.

Look at Chrury Sanson, pulling out David Suchet’s Hercule Poirot, like a boss.

Doctor Nein gives us the great electric mouse detective.

Aw man, I miss Peter Falk, Hundredgunner.

That’s it for this week! Join us next weekend for a new topic, new hopes and new dreams.