I’ll admit I was a little worried about how wild our community might get given a ‘Shop Contest that plays on the abbreviation S&M for the recently-announced Pokemon Sun & Moon. But you guys kept it mostly nice and tasteful. Great job, everyone!

Some of my favorite entries in last week’s contest abandoned the implied meaning of S&M completely, sidestepping the sadomasochism idea entirely to hilarious effect. Not this week’s winner, however. Omeanizot integrated Pokemon with potential application to some tools of the practice, bringing together the two wildly disparate ideas nicely.


One thing to note before we get into this week’s also winners. To the folks in the comment for the original post who said S&M was a stupid leap and that Pokemon fans never use the ampersand, I give you a passage from Wikipedia:” practitioners themselves normally remove the ampersand and use the acronym SM.So their way is more accurate all ‘round.

This Week’s S&M Enthusiasts

First off special kudos to freelance illustrator Daniel Shaffer for his original painted entry, Brock randomly falling from the sky with ball gag (possibly not its real name.)

It’s a Pokeball gag, actually.

Next we salute those who took S&M to mean something much more innocent and/or violent.

Ginger Snap brings us Pokemon Spaghetti & Meatballs.
Mrichston paints a disturbing picture of Diglet and Pikachu as Pokemon Sam & Max.
MrDeadScott with Pokemon Scones & Muffins. Mmmm.

And then we have the folks who stuck to theme. Most of this is safe for work. In fact I don’t think there’s even any nudity, unless you count Pokemon.

J. Schmo can go to hell for making me remember this movie.
Nanttene takes Detective Pikachu to a dark place.
daisyage1977 keep’s Ash’s Eyes Wide Shut.
The Brazzers logo in PorkchopSanderson’s entry is about as vulgar as these get.
Hundredgunner has a thing for Officer Jenny. It’s okay. You’re in good company.
Velduanga barely had to edit anything for this one.
Ozimov’s is so epic I’ll spell his name right.
BlueMonk wins for the stitching on Pikachu’s outfit. It’s subtle.
Okay, maybe Cartoonivore’s entry is the dirtiest. I would have used Machoke though.
Nomadic Dec prepares for trouble.
Doctor Nein delivers the obligatory political entry.
And Shardik the Man Bear goes for the low-hanging fruit.

And of course...

Omeanizot for the win!

Join us tomorrow for a brand new ‘Shop Contest that I promise most of you won’t be too embarrassed to enter.

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