Not Much Bounce In Bouncing's Step

Bouncing, a rather straightforward knock-out puzzle game from JRSoftWorx, confounded me for a solid 30 minutes until I realized the problem wasn't the game, it was me. » 1/20/11 10:00pm 1/20/11 10:00pm

Getting A Casual Flick From Your Phone

FlickBuddies has a cheeky name that resembles another word if you glance at it quickly. The game does provide good, clean fun, though it still is a casual encounter. » 1/14/11 7:20pm 1/14/11 7:20pm

The Terrorist Zombie Is Not The Ultimate Enemy Of Our Times

Who do we the people of the 21st century fear? In real life, it's the terrorists. In movies and TV, it's zombies. The combination of the two should be the perfect bad guy of our modern era. » 1/14/11 5:00pm 1/14/11 5:00pm

After A Tough Day Of Farmville, Relax With Some Pokerville

Live Poker by Zynga, also known as Live Poker By The Guys Who Made Farmville, is hoping to be the world's biggest "social casino". I'm afraid it may be succeeding. » 1/12/11 6:30am 1/12/11 6:30am

A Touching Rendition Of Secret Of Mana

Porting a turn-based role-playing game to the iPhone is simple. Nailing the controls on a classic action RPG like Secret of Mana is another thing entirely. How did Square Enix do? » 1/11/11 8:00pm 1/11/11 8:00pm

Super Mario Bros. By Way Of Edward Gorey, On An iPhone

Grimm is a new iPhone game that has me wondering why I've never played a video game rendered in the aesthetic of the great, spooky aesthetic of legendary illustrator Edward Gorey before. Thank goodness I finally did, for one dollar. » 1/07/11 7:00pm 1/07/11 7:00pm

Flying Hamster Teaches Us about The Beer And The Bees

If you missed out on The Game Atelier's fur-flinging shooter Flying Hamster when it came out as a PSP mini, the iPhone brings you closer to the heroic tale of beer, bees and bullets than ever before. » 1/06/11 3:20pm 1/06/11 3:20pm

Perfect Cell Is A Great Escape

Locked in a research laboratory at the bottom of the sea, an alien lifeform breaks from its captivity and mounts an escape. That's the premise of Perfect Cell by Mobigame, our iGame of the Day. » 1/05/11 11:30pm 1/05/11 11:30pm

Colorbind Is The Excellent iPhone Game I Meant To Buy

When I misheard a friend's iPhone game recommendation, I wound up accidentally buying Colorblind. Today, Kotaku's iGame of the Day is the game my friend was actually recommending: Colorbind. » 1/04/11 9:00pm 1/04/11 9:00pm

The Excellent iPhone Game I Bought Because Of A Misunderstanding

I ask my friend to recommend me an iPhone game. He tells me that Colorbind is interesting, maybe excellent. I nod. I go to iTunes. I download Colorblind. I think it's great. I compliment my friend's good taste. Wait. Colorbind? » 1/03/11 3:00pm 1/03/11 3:00pm

QWOP For iPhone Is An Olympic Challenge For Thumbs

Learn to walk, learn to run all over again with QWOP, the iPhone port of the highly entertaining and/or maddening track and field Flash game of 2008. Using a touchscreen to independently control calves and thighs sounds fun, right? » 1/01/11 12:00am 1/01/11 12:00am

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Was My Most Played iPhone Game of the…

On sale right now for just four bucks, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the iPhone game I'm spending the most time playing these days. » 12/29/10 5:00pm 12/29/10 5:00pm

iPhone's Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Is a Spectacular Action…

I was a big fan of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light when it came to consoles and, it turns out, I'm just as big a fan of the iPhone version. » 12/25/10 5:00pm 12/25/10 5:00pm

Lame Castle Is Not Nearly As Lame As Sony Advertised

You'd think a game inspired by a Sony PSP ad — an ad that implied an iPhone game called Lame Castle would suck — would be a quick cash-in. You'd think that, but you'd be wrong. » 12/23/10 1:00pm 12/23/10 1:00pm

What's The Poop On Dirty Diapers?

Keeping a dozen cranky infants happy hardly sounds like a fun time in real life; on the iPhone, it's the premise of Dirty Diapers, a fast-twitch puzzler just released on the App Store. » 12/22/10 6:00pm 12/22/10 6:00pm

Your Choice Of Giant Killer Worm Games

We've got two giant-killer-worm games for you to consider today, each available cheap for an iPhone/iPod/iPad. Death Worm is based on the 2007 original of the same name. Super Mega Worm Vs. Santa is a newer elf-slaying take. Decisions, decisions. » 12/21/10 5:40pm 12/21/10 5:40pm

Risk: The Official Game Is Great Board Game Fun

I've always said that the iPad would be a great solution for bringing board games to the digital era, Risk: The Official Game HD proves it. » 12/20/10 9:00pm 12/20/10 9:00pm

Angry Birds Season's Greedings Is Short On Holiday Cheer

You know advent calendars? Those calendars that count down Christmas have chocolates for each down before Christmas. They're great. Season's Greedings is not. » 12/17/10 4:00am 12/17/10 4:00am