Consider the bar upped.

Real Racing 2 is a straight up racing sim for the iOS, and it looks surprisingly good. The tracks are well designed and beautifully presented. And the car models look great.


There are 30 licensed vehicles in the game that include the likes of Lotus, Nissan, Chevy, BMW and more. It's possible to toggle through the camera views and even get a realistic cockpit view.

After finishing the race, players are treated to a Gran Turismo-style replay.

Granted, I'm nowhere near finishing this game, but during the time I spent with it, I kept finding more things that impressed me than did not.

The wealth of options alone for how the game can be controlled is praise worthy. The developers seem vested in giving the player the experience he or she wants. Real Racing 2 shows not only what real racing looks like on the iOS looks like, but real gaming.

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