Dead Rising Mobile Is Little More Than a Reanimated Corpse

There's a difference between dead and lifeless, as this iPhone port of Dead Rising unfortunately demonstrates.


Tedious mission design, bad frameskip and close - I mean very close - redraw distances, plus a slapped-on social networking feature, don't do the Dead Rising brand any favors in Dead Rising Mobile. Its sludgy virtual stick controls are the least of your worries.

It may be tempting, especially for those looking for meatier, console-style experiences on this platform. There certainly are a lot of bullet-point features that on paper might justify a $6.99 price tag. But they don't come together in any kind way that compels your attention, and the return to a bland, Willamette Mall is devoid of nostalgia.

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so erm....anyone else this was the worst/most pointless video review ever?

i dont even know if it was intended to be but it just came across as one of those whiney user reviews you stumble across and hate yourself for giving the time of day.

(moreso because it was youtubes and not done in the normal kotaky video)