Colorbind Is The Excellent iPhone Game I Meant To Buy

When I misheard a friend's iPhone game recommendation, I wound up accidentally buying Colorblind. Today, Kotaku's iGame of the Day is the game my friend was actually recommending: Colorbind.


Colorbind is a puzzle game that has you drawing ribbons over circles. That's as complex as it needs to be. You'll see. You can download the game at iTunes. I play the early levels of the $2 game for you in the video here. Colorbind is from an outfit called Nonverbal, and it's good. It was nominated for best mobile game in the 2011 Independent Games Festival. It deserves to have made that cut.

If you want to know about Colorblind, check out yesterday's recommendation.

Colorbind on iTunes
Colorbind Lite on iTunes (free version)


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The fact that he isnt "doing it wrong" is making a lot of people miss what the game is about, I think. You need to show some failing so people understand where the actual "game" is. Doing everything right will make anything look rather boring and easy.