The Excellent iPhone Game I Bought Because Of A Misunderstanding

I ask my friend to recommend me an iPhone game. He tells me that Colorbind is interesting, maybe excellent. I nod. I go to iTunes. I download Colorblind. I think it's great. I compliment my friend's good taste. Wait. Colorbind?

Today I'm showing you the best gaming mistake I made in 2010. This is Colorblind, a 99-cent gem of a game that you can get for iPhones and iPads on the iTunes store. This is a simple game. It's not unlike choosing the right shade of color to paint your bathroom. And it's probably educational and great for kids. I hold none of these things against Colorblind. It's a fine, fine game. Play it.

Colorblind on iTunes

(If you're curious about Colorbind, I shot a video of that one too.)

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Gaming mistake indeed.

Sorry, Totilo. Just put money on your opinion and am regretting it now. That thing wasn't on my phone three minutes before I deleted it. I went through once, scored eighty percent more or less, and then trashed it.

Lack of goals, lack of any real core experience, complete lack of progression or application of skills and, worst offender here, lack of entertainment.