Bouncing, a rather straightforward knock-out puzzle game from JRSoftWorx, confounded me for a solid 30 minutes until I realized the problem wasn't the game, it was me.

Again, colorblindness rears its head in gaming. In Bouncing, your job is to clear the board of bubbles colored in five different hues. Any grouping of three or more eliminates them. Bouncing's shades posed a problem to me in differentiating the bubbles that were, fill in the blank, either yellow, green or orange.

Assuming you have correct color vision, there's still not a lot of polish to bouncing. No soundtrack, very few sound effects There's no cascading effect in the puzzle, such that if you clear off a grouping and the rest of the bubbles settle into groups of three or more, they won't clear out either. Or that could be my colorblindness acting up again.

The physics also don't create much bouncing on your touch shots, and as this is an accuracy game, most will be trying for that rather than winging the bubble across the screen. As such, there wasn't a lot of bouncing going on in the games I played.


Anyway, the game is 99 cents, and it is available now, iPhone only, on the iTunes App Store.

Bouncing [iTunes App Store]