The Terrorist Zombie Is Not The Ultimate Enemy Of Our Times

Who do we the people of the 21st century fear? In real life, it's the terrorists. In movies and TV, it's zombies. The combination of the two should be the perfect bad guy of our modern era.

It's not.

The iPad/iPhone game Terrorist Zombies has a catchy title and a promising concept, but this is one of those combinations that doesn't stand up to close scrutiny. Consider the terrorist: he (or she) wants to run at us and kill us, yes? The zombie wants to do the same thing, just more slowly. The zombie might want to eat our brains, but the terrorist is also going in for the kill. Neither is kind.


Neither the zombieness of zombies nor the terroristness of terrorists makes the other a more formidable foe. But we wouldn't know this if there wasn't a video game that tested the proposition. Terrorist Zombies HD does that. That's what it's good for.

Terrorist Zombies for iPad on iTunes ($1.99)
Terrorist Zombies for iPhone and iTouch on iTunes ($0.99)

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Well the zombie part of any zombie/villain hybrid is always going to necessarily negate the 'evil' aspects of the villain. Same with Nazi zombies.

The villain part of it just gives you free reign to kill them completely guilt free.