A Touching Rendition Of Secret Of Mana

Porting a turn-based role-playing game to the iPhone is simple. Nailing the controls on a classic action RPG like Secret of Mana is another thing entirely. How did Square Enix do?

This is a pretty faithful recreation of the original classic on the iPhone (or iPad, in this case), and the controls are about as responsive as a virtual directional pad and button combo can get. There are certainly cheaper ways out there to experience Secret of Mana, but none are quite this convenient.

Secret of Mana on iTunes

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I bought this app a day after it was released and I've got to say SoM does NOT have the best virtual D-pad. Its serviceable but far from amongst the best. I hate how you have to sliiiide your finger for Randi to move instead of just placing your finger somewhere near the center of the D pad and the character moving in said direction.

EDIT: Oh and I dont know how people think that ring menu thing is well done. Its incredibly confusing!!! (This is my first time playing SoM... ever).