Getting A Casual Flick From Your Phone

FlickBuddies has a cheeky name that resembles another word if you glance at it quickly. The game does provide good, clean fun, though it still is a casual encounter.

Two people can play this 99-cent iPhone game (even four on some of its 12 boards) but for large groups the iPad version (which costs a dollar more but comes in high-def) is probably preferable. The goal is simple - flick your character at the scoring target, and the most scores in a minute wins.

It is never as simple as a straight shot, however; there's nearly always an obstacle or a bumper, or your opponent's buddy, in the way, making the action somewhat random but still an amusing time killer.


Flick Buddies for iPhone on iTunes
Flick Buddies for iPad on iTunes

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Alright guys, opinion time. Let's try to keep this civil.

Pfftahah, anyhow.

Tomorrow, I may take the leap... into an iPad, or Pod, that's part of all of your opinions. See, I've been considering it for awhile now, but the finances haven't been there to justify the purchase. Well, I have the means now, and I'm ready to make the leap... maybe.

Now, I have a few questions, though. I know most of the games are good simple fun, which is precisely what I want. However, I have trouble with my eyes a bit, so I was thinking the iPad would be nice for that larger, crisper screen. I've also lost a friend recently to... well, to a problem of this generation, let's say. As such, I just want some simple fun to take my mind off of it, which is why I'm looking for a gadget that can really provide some innocent fun. I do however, want a few solid games. Are there a few games that could actually provide solid, not necessarily hardcore but more like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon addiction style gameplay? If not, are there enough games out for it that are casual that I could jump from one game to another without the device collecting dust?

I also go to Boston and New York City about three to four times a year (in total between the two), and as such, I'm completely unsure if an iPod or iPad would be more suited as a travel device for me. I typically pack heavy for the NYC trip, so space isn't a problem... better than my 17" laptop, that's for sure. Would either provide a good amount of entertainment in one way or the other? Which device would be better for multi-media?

And for homebrew/emulation purposes (not for more dubious means, obviously), are any of the current models cracked to allow emulation of older consoles? Minor point, but something I'd like to know either way :)

So in conclusion, is it worth it? Is it worth it to drop the kind of cash I would be dropping on the device? I really like the idea of having it, but if there's an alternative device out there, such as perhaps a tablet PC from another brand that can offer touch screen gaming in a way equal or better than the iPad/Pod, I'd love to hear of it :)

Thanks for any info you can provide, guys.