Flying Hamster Teaches Us about The Beer And The Bees

If you missed out on The Game Atelier's fur-flinging shooter Flying Hamster when it came out as a PSP mini, the iPhone brings you closer to the heroic tale of beer, bees and bullets than ever before.


Flying Hamster has its sense of humor in the right place. One moment it's simply colorful and cute, the next you're drinking beer and trying to avoid screaming cows machine gunning milk from their udders. It doesn't pull its punches either, giving the player five credits to get through six levels and that's it; you die, you're done. There's even an unlockable hard mode, which I will likely never see.

In all honesty, I'd buy any game called Flying Hamster regardless of its content. Everyone else can read up on it at iTunes before making the decision whether or not to drop $5.99 on this colorfully crass shooter.


Update: Video fixed, now much longer. At least I trimmed my nails this time.

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