Too Human Wiped From Existence on Xbox Live

In November, a federal judge made the breathtaking order that all copies of Too Human had to be destroyed by its creator, Silicon Knights, as part of a $4 million judgment awarded to Epic Games in a nasty six-year suit-and-countersuit court battle between the two. We now see that this extended also to digital copies of … » 1/19/13 1:30pm 1/19/13 1:30pm

What Went Wrong With Silicon Knights' X-Men: Destiny?

Bad video games are released all the time. A raft of factors conspire to influence the quality of the outcome. Maybe tight deadlines are to blame. Or maybe the problems include inexperienced developers, incompetent project management, impossible publisher requests, funding concerns. It's a seemingly unavoidable fact… » 10/26/12 12:00pm 10/26/12 12:00pm

Too Human is Worth, Oh, a Few Bucks, Says Judge

The great Silicon Knights-Epic Games slapfight is at last underway in a courtroom, but already a judge has suggested that even if the maker of Too Human wins, it could lose. He's said that the damages up for grabs are $1. » 5/23/12 10:00pm 5/23/12 10:00pm

Denis Dyack Claims Used Games Will Destroy Gaming

Secondhand games have been the bread and butter of retail chain GameStop for years, and the target of publishers' ire for just as long. Many consumers prefer not to pay the new retail price (a hefty $60, for most titles) for every game they play, and the system of selling and purchasing pre-owned discs works well for a … » 3/28/12 4:30pm 3/28/12 4:30pm

Too Human Trilogy Will Be Finished, Says Silicon Knights

Silicon Knights, the creators of Xbox 360 game Too Human, says it still "intend[s] to finish the trilogy" despite meager sales, middling critical reception and a very long development cycle. Studio founder Denis Dyack tells Industry Gamers it has no further comment, noting "You know, there's very public litigation around… » 5/02/11 3:40pm 5/02/11 3:40pm

Too Human Review: Dyack's Human Too

Too Human is neither as good nor as bad as many have made it out to be. The action role-playing game, nearly ten years in the making, built up quite a storm of controversy and expectations as it tumbled its way to completion and release. The game tackles a retelling of Norse mythology with a cyber twist and works to… » 8/22/08 2:00pm 8/22/08 2:00pm

Dyack: Canadian Town's Future Riding on Too Human

Too Human isn't just a science fiction reinterpretation of Norse mythology, nor is it just a philosophical look at humanity's growing reliance on technology, nor is it just a cautionary tale about the nature of war, nor is it just an action game. Definitely don't judge it as just an action game. No, Too Human is, among … » 8/18/08 12:20pm 8/18/08 12:20pm