E3 Activity Book: Fun With No Purpose

For those too young to attend E3 - which is to say, damn near all of us - B-Miggs and Agent B have cooked up their latest laugher: The E3 Activity Book for Kids, with its deadly accurate Nintendo presser mad libs.

There's tons of fun in this 4-page pdf, which you can print out to leave a copy at the dentist's office and confuse the hell out of everyone. Word searches ("BODY ODOR," "NO SHOW" and "DENIS DYACK.") booth babes and jokes, too. ("Why did the AAA exclusive game flop after years in development?" "It was released for PC?" Owwwwww ...)


God, that cartoon of Reggie cracks me the hell up. Enjoy, courtesy of GameSpy.

The E3 Activity Book for Kids [GameSpy]

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