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Too Human developer Silicon Knights hired Michael Mays, a "skilled financier" with nearly 20 years financial experience, as their new vice president.


Mays will work closely with Denis Dyack to "to drive the company forward by fostering continual growth for Silicon Knights, as well as the games industry in Ontario and the Niagara Region. "

No exactly sexy, exciting stuff, but it is the sort of thing that can keep a developer from going belly up in harsh economic times. Of course within his first month on the job, Mays was handing out actual swords to Silicon Knights employees with ten years service, so maybe not.


"The sword ceremony only confirmed for me what I already knew – Silicon Knights attracts talented individuals that are devoted to being at Silicon Knights and to creating groundbreaking video games," said Mays. "I am very excited to be working for one of the largest independent game developers in the world."

Dyack says Mays arrive marks a step forward in the development of Silicon Knights.

"His keen business acumen and financial knowhow makes him the perfect leader for us and for working with the Ontario government to help build the video game industry presence in the Niagara Region and Ontario," said Denis Dyack, President of Silicon Knights. "Michael brings a fresh and knowledgeable perspective on business growth and partnerships, and I am pleased to be working with him to expand the company and move our guild forward."

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