Sony's 3D HDTV Bundle Drops Resistance 3 for Motorstorm Apocalypse

At this year's E3 expo, Sony unveiled the PlayStation 3's "official 3D Display," a stereoscopic 3D package that packed in one monitor, one copy of Insomniac Games' Resistance 3, one HDMI cable and one pair of 3D glasses for $500. Things have changed. » 8/08/11 7:30pm 8/08/11 7:30pm

Eyes-on With Sony's New PlayStation 3D Display (Which Can Render…

Sony is trying to make 3D gaming on its PlayStation 3 more affordable with its very own PlayStation branded, stereoscopic 3D monitor—comparatively cheap at just $500 USD for 24 inches of 3D gaming. Better still is the monitor's ability to deliver full-screen gaming to two players at once. » 6/13/11 5:30pm 6/13/11 5:30pm

Resistance 3 Gets PlayStation Move and 3D Support, New Demo Shown To…

PlayStation 3 shooter Resistance 3 will support Sony's PlayStation Move motion controller and the Sharpshooter gun controller, Insomniac Games announced today at its Hollywood community event. It also confirmed stereoscopic 3D support, following in the footsteps of the recently released Killzone 3. » 3/29/11 10:20pm 3/29/11 10:20pm

The Killzone 3 PS3 Bundle You've Been Waiting For

If Killzone 3 will be the game that finally convinces you to become a PlayStation 3 owner, this is the package for you. Included is a 160GB PS3 system and one copy of Killzone 3—or "the ultimate PlayStation Move and 3D game," according to this cardboard box. » 2/15/11 6:00pm 2/15/11 6:00pm

PlayStation's New 'Terms of Service' Urges Not ODing On 3D

What are we agreeing to now when we play our PlayStation 3s? For one, to take heed of Sony's advice while enjoying 3D games or movies, which the legalese-laden, newly-updated Terms of Service agreement says may cause "discomfort." » 7/12/10 7:40pm 7/12/10 7:40pm

Designer Glasses Help Lower The 3D Dork Factor

Wide acceptance of 3D in the home, whether for movies, television shows or video games, has a few imposing barriers. Price, support, and—perhaps most limiting—looking like a tool while staring blankly at your television screen, wearing 3D specs. » 5/10/10 9:00pm 5/10/10 9:00pm