This Is The Official PlayStation Move Submachine Gun

In case the official PlayStation Move handgun wasn't powerful enough, Sony today reveals the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter, a $40 Killzone 3-friendly plastic housing for your Move and navigation controller. Or you could just buy the new jungle green Dualshock 3.

Now that Sony has their answer to the Wii remote and nunchuck it's time for unnecessary plastic controller housings to add that extra dose of reality to games like SOCOM 4, Killzone 3, and Dead Space Extraction. You've already spent $49.99 on the Move controller and $29.99 on the navigator. You might as well add on the extra $39.99 the Sharp Shooter will run you once it comes out in February.


What does $40 buy, besides a shiny plastic shell? You get an adjustable shoulder stock, a digital trigger, a firing mode selector, and "realistic" pump action. Sony's peripheral product manager Anand Agarwal says it "will truly offer the most intuitive and immersive control experience ever found in a shooter game." Sounds fancy!

Me, I'll just stick to the Dualshock 3. Perhaps I'll grab the new Jungle Green color coming out in February to coincide with the launch of Killzone 3.

New PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment [PlayStation Blog]

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