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iPad Gets Its First Real 3D Game (Glasses Not Included)

Illustration for article titled iPad Gets Its First Real 3D Game (Glasses Not Included)

Flight Control HD will have an interesting twist when it hits the iPad tomorrow morning: A fully playable 3D version of the game.


The 3D view uses the old red/cyan glasses to produce Anaglyph video for the game which will make it appear that the aircraft are floating about the iPad during the game, according to developer Firemint's press release.

Flight Control HD, which will run you $5, also includes a new split-screen versus mode, cooperative multiplayer on a single device, bigger airports and larger maps, three new "HD" airfields, improved collision warnings and a longer song.


Glasses will not come with the game, but you can pick them up for $5 to $10 a pop.

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Isaiah Bradley

$5 or $10 for 3D glasses?

Why not just go to an old anaglyph theater thing and get them for free? OUTRAGEOUS.