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More Than a Quarter of 3DS Owners Feel 3D Hurts Gameplay

Illustration for article titled More Than a Quarter of 3DS Owners Feel 3D Hurts Gameplay

With Nintendo placing emphasis on delivering strong gaming experiences to their latest handheld. just how important is the 3D in the 3DS? According to a recent survey, more than 28 percent of 3DS owners feel the special effect takes away from gameplay.


The large percentage of users dissatisfied with the portable's 3D effect was revealed yesterday, as research firm Interpret LLC delivered the results of its annual 3D survey at the 3D Gaming Summit in Hollywood, California. In comparison, only 22 percent of 3DS owners indicated the 3D improved gameplay, while 13 percent indicated they preferred playing with the effect switched off.


I'm in that 13 percent myself. Each new game I play on the handheld gets a quick glimpse in 3D before the slider gets turned off completely.

The good news is that awareness of the 3DS was up over last year, with 60 percent of respondents indicating knowledge of the handheld. Of that 60 percent, however, only 28 percent were aware of the glasses-free 3D feature, perhaps a result of Nintendo's shifting focus from hardware to software.

It's a shift that makes sense. With only 7 percent of respondents indicating a portable device as their ideal 3D solution (56 percent preferred a 3D TV connected console), the 3D in 3DS isn't proving to be the selling point it first seemed to be.

28% of 3DS players say 3D detracts from gameplay [Gamespot]

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I don't think Nintendo has really delivered a game that was built from the ground up to take advantage of 3D yet. It's still so early in the system's life, and I think people are really jumping to conclusions. Mario is supposedly being designed so that the actual gameplay is enhanced by 3D. They said the same thing about Zelda. I imagine we would have similar survey numbers about the DS when it first came out. Dual screens weren't adding much more than a map for a while there.

Also, at least 30% of people are wrong about everything 99% of the time. I have a feeling it's this same 20-30% of people every time, that is just wrong about nearly everything.

20% believe in aliens on Earth


Why Do 20% of Americans Think Obama Is Muslim?


1 In 5 Americans Believe Obama Is A Cactus


New survey shows that 20% of Americans think God loves free-market capitalism


Seriously, if you are part of this 20%, just stop giving your opinion to people! How many times can you be wrong before you learn some humility?