The iPhone Will Go 3D Next Year

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Your View-Master disks have just been rendered obsolete. Hasbro is planning to release an add-on device for the iPhone and iPod touch next year that will bring stereoscopic 3D visuals to Apple's iOS devices.


The Associated Press reports that Hasbro will unveil the My3D attachment this week, designed to bring stereoscopic 3D "gaming, virtual travel experiences and entertainment content" to the iPhone platform. The device, which appears to snap onto an iPhone and completely cover its screen, likely won't be compatible with the vast majority of currently available iPhone games, given that touchscreen controls will be all but impossible.

But the AP's report says the Hasbro has teamed up with Dreamworks for video content, partnered with the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau for tourism apps, and touts "shooter games in a virtual galaxy" coming that support My3D. The add-on will reportedly cost $30 USD.

It's doubtful that Hasbro's solution for on-the-go 3D will cause many Nintendo 3DS pre-orders to be affected, but maybe you've always wanted some blue goggles for your iPhone. Anyone?

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When will people stop allowing this stupid 3D craze to continue? It's starting to get out of hand. You may not agree with me, but I've had it with the fads that drive corporations to feed on the average person's income. Motion sensor gaming, 3D media, MMOs, Vampires, Zombies (which I do love btw), etc.

I'm just tired of someone doing something then everyone else doing the same thing and acting like its the new version of the wheel. There's no innovation anymore. I guess I'm just sour about something, let the trolling begin.

You want 3D and baseball? GO PLAY BASE BALL! Look at a table, its' actually 3D, not an optical illusion.