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Eyes-on With Sony's New PlayStation 3D Display (Which Can Render Splitscreen Gaming Obsolete)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sony is trying to make 3D gaming on its PlayStation 3 more affordable with its very own PlayStation branded, stereoscopic 3D monitor—comparatively cheap at just $500 USD for 24 inches of 3D gaming. Better still is the monitor's ability to deliver full-screen gaming to two players at once.


Sony's "official 3D Display," due this fall, can output two screen displays to two viewers, if they're wearing active shutter lens 3D glasses, effectively eliminating the need for a bisected screen. One pair of glasses is included in the bundle shipping later this year, along with an HDMI cable and a copy of Resistance 3. Sony plans to sell additional pairs of 3D glasses for $70 USD each.

The company's E3 2011 booth had the 3D Display on hand, running a looped video of games like Wipeout HD and Motorstorm Apocalypse running in dual-display mode. Kotaku intern Drew Cohen and I strapped on the 3D glasses and watched the tech prove itself. It worked, delivering two distinct images separated visually by the lenses we were wearing. We could switch between the two images on the fly—and while I won't speak for Drew—making for an impressive, immersive display.


There was some hint of ghosting, meaning I could see light traces of the secondary image displayed in tandem with the one I was watching. That said, it was a feasible solution, as the ghosting was not distracting, especially in a high-speed racing game. I'm not fan of splitscreen, so its something I'd prefer.

Sony says that games will require software updates to work with the new official 3D Display's dual-screen output, which given the publisher's push for 3D support, I'd expect to see plenty of (at least on the first party side).

I also got a chance to listen to the monitor's built-in speakers while watching an Uncharted 3 trailer in stereoscopic 3D. They sounded good when I could separate the din of E3 2011 from the audio streaming from the television. We'll have to spend a bit more time with the thing when the display ships later this year.