Designer Glasses Help Lower The 3D Dork Factor

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Wide acceptance of 3D in the home, whether for movies, television shows or video games, has a few imposing barriers. Price, support, and—perhaps most limiting—looking like a tool while staring blankly at your television screen, wearing 3D specs.

At least Nintendo is cognizant of this, readying a 3D handheld gaming machine that won't require users to wear special glasses to enjoy dazzling three-dimensional special effects. Of course, Nintendo hasn't outright blamed the dork factor as the reason it opted to go glasses-free for the Nintendo 3DS, but we have a hunch.


With 3D gaming coming to the PlayStation 3 sometime this summer, courtesy of a software upgrade for the console, support is bound to increase. Price is still an issue for those of us who don't already own a 3D ready television, but the goofy glasses issue is being addressed.

Look3D is one of a handful of companies readying "designer" 3D glasses, with a wide variety of frames, colors and prescription styles available. Some are "RealD certified" and quite a few look quite wearable. The company isn't exactly treading unexplored ground, but if you scoff at Ray Ban or Gucci prices, it's an option.

Who out there in Kotaku land is 3D ready? Are you in need of some new glasses? Or are you with Roger Ebert on this whole 3D business?


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Yet rise the douche factor... especially indoors.