PS3 Update Readies Console For 3D Gaming

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At first glance, the PlayStation 3's latest firmware update - which brings the system to v3.30 - seems inconsequential. Some trophy reshuffling. But it's the behind-the-scenes stuff that's more interesting, as it readies the console for 3D gaming.

Yes, while most of the release accompanying the update bangs on about how it will "make it easier to claim bragging rights among your friends" by letting you...arrange your trophies, tucked away at the foot of the reveal is "this update preps the PS3 system for some upcoming new features, including 3D stereoscopic gaming, which is coming soon to PS3, in time for the launch of Sony's 3D BRAVIA TVs".

Considering half of you don't even have a standard HDTV, this won't rock the majority's socks off. But if you're actually planning on diving headfirst into the 3D era? Know that once you download this update – which is already out - your PS3 will be ready.

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Dear Game Developers,

please please pleeeease do NOT waste valuable resources like time and money on "3d versions" of a game... there simply isn't enough of a demand and i'd much rather have quality in 2d than crap in 3d