Metro 2034 Obviously The Sequel To Metro 2033, But Now In 3D

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Where does THQ go from the post-apocalyptic future of Russian shooter Metro 2033? More specifically, when? Exactly one year later and into the third dimension, resulting in Metro 2034.


THQ VP Danny Bilson says that the 4A Games-developed first-person shooter is already on deck for a sequel, not much of a surprise considering the game's warm reception and THQ's plans to iterate on everything that's making them money (de Blob, UFC, etc.)

The good news for 3D TV owners is that Metro 2034 will be coming in 3D, which Bilson calls a "low risk" investment and a chance to tout the game as running in all three Ds. He tells CVG that "Those games are unbelievably reasonable, they're built in Kiev."


The official Metro 2033 Twitter is ready to go even further in its sequel confirmation, boldly naming the next next game as Metro 2035. I think we're going to need some subtitles on these.

Metro 2034 coming, in 3D [CVG]

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I would have never guessed that the sequel would be known as metro 2034. How original.