3D Gaming Would have Cost A Fortune 10 Years Ago

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Think a PlayStation 3 and a 3D-ready television expensive now? According to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe senior engineer Ian Bickerstaff, the same technology would have cost you near three-quarters of a million dollars.


Sony took its first steps into the realm of 3D gaming today on the PlayStation 3, launching updates to four titles so they can take advantage of today's 3D television technology. And while the concept of purchasing a whole new television just for 3D gaming seems rather pricey, that's nothing compared to what the same tech would cost a mere decade ago.


Speaking to Tech Radar, Ian Bickerstaff marvels over how much the price has come down.

"The thing that's really exciting for me is that these sort of systems used to cost half a million pounds to give you that level of 3D," said Bickerstaff.

"We're only talking about the late 90s – not that long ago - and suddenly we're at the point where this is actually going to be affordable to people for their living rooms."

With the lowest-priced 3D-ready TV at Best Buy still running more than $1,700, my and Mr. Bickerstaff's definition of affordable seem to be at odds.

Still, it surely beats more than $700,000. At that rate of depreciation, I might just wait another ten years, when the same technology is $5.


3D PS3 'would have cost you £500k 10 years ago' [Tech Radar]

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Except that in '98 or '99 my brother-in-law bought set of lcd shutter 3d glasses for his PC for under $200. An IR transmitter sent a timing signal from software to the glasses that kept the left and right images onscreen in sync with the respective eye's shutter.

Maybe he means that the particular solutions commercially available today, in HD, on a very thin 55" local-dimming LED illuminated LCD screen would have cost that much, since there were other workable, cheap solutions available.