PlayStation 3 Goes 3D Tomorrow, Four Games At Launch

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Some of the biggest PlayStation 3 games will be available to play in 3D this year. The first 3D games hit as early as tomorrow.


At an event in Los Angeles, Sony PlayStation boss Jack Tretton is just rattling off games coming in 3D this year for the PS3. These games will be rendered in stereoscopic 3D and require a 3D TV and glasses in order to experience their popping effects.

Available as early as tomorrow in 3D for your PS3 will be Super Stardust HD and WipEout HD, Pain, and the demo version of MotorStorm Pacific Rift. (Kotaku previously reported that Super Stardust and WipEout's 3D versions will be available as free updates for people who already own the games; Pain 3D, however, would cost 300 yen in Japan — no word on how the pricing will work in North America yet.)


Tretton is also showing Gran Turismo 5 and MLB The Show 10 in 3D as well. No release dates on those yet.

The company announced their first 3D motion-controlled game as well. The already-revealed but oft-renamed The Fight: Lights Out will be playable in 3D when it is launched.


Sony also said that starting tomorrow anyone who buys a Sony Bravia 3D TV will get four 3D PS3 games and demos.

For more information about the Sony games going 3D, check out the official PlayStation 3 blog post about tomorrow's releases and Bravia offer.


This post will be updated as the event continues.

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I've got a 3DTV. None of these interest me, though. :(

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