The Week In Review: Name That Nominee

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Yesterday, we named our four finalists for Game Of The Year. Only four. As 2010 wheels in to a fast finish, we'll be debating the best that games had to offer this year.


Mass Effect 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Red Dead Redemption and NBA 2K11. That's a role-playing game, a shooter, a sandbox action-adventure, and in a first, a sports game. A compact list inevitably leaves off an outstanding title; more than four great games were made this year, of course. But these candidates all lay a credible claim to a comprehensive excellence that pushes their genre forward.

We'll be writing up our formal nominations and defenses in the weeks to come. Don't worry, you'll get your say; you already are, actually, if the comments on the posts announcing these nominees are any indication.

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It'll be interesting to see which of you chose Black Ops and why you think it pushes the FPS genre forward.

I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I'm beating a dead horse but that choice just mystifies me. Every Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare has been pretty similar. They've tweaked things and adjusted bits but the games haven't really changed. World at War probably brought the biggest change with vehicles and some larger maps and then they panicked and took them back out when people moaned.

Then you've got something like Bad Company 2 where the destruction and interaction with the environment fundamentally changes how shooters should be played (for the better) not to mention it's aesthetically satisfying.

Or something like Halo Reach which pulls together such a wide variety of gameplay mechanics together in such a tight manner, a great story, a vast multiplayer and online experience, a mapmaker and customisation.

I really hope that it's not the case that Black Ops is fresher in your mind since it's newer contributing to your choice. As to why I care so much well "With great power comes great responsibility." One day some young person looking for a new shooter may look at this list and decide to pick up that Black Ops they have been hearing about instead of Bad Company 2. And if that happens a great evil has been done.