Would You Call This An Assassin's Creed TV Show?

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Today on Speak-Up on Kotaku, Mr. Nose says a new television program from Showtime could be the "first successful video game drama ever."

There's a new video game tv show coming out!

...Not really, but Showtime did greenlight a show called "The Borgias", which is based on the notoriously evil family from renaissance Italy that play the role of the bad guy in Ezio's Assassin's Creed adventures.


While the Borgias are known popularly outside of AC (Mario Puzo wrote about them, for instance), it's AC that put them over the top.

If the criteria for a "videogame show" is a the show seeks to capitalize on specific videogame-based characters, then I would argue that this could actually be the first successful videogame drama ever, even if there is absolutely no formal connection with the games being capitalized on.

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Mass Deduction (née scrapking)

"it's AC that put them over the top."

Ah, the conundrum of the video game acronym.

Outside of context, what does "AC" mean? Assassin's Creed? Armoured Core? There are probably others.

Is AA Arkham Asylum or America's Army?

Is GOW God of War or Gears of War?

Is SC Soul Calibur, Splinter Cell, or any of the many other games SC could stand for?

In the context of this particular article, it's very clear the author meant Assassin's Creed. However, it's often far less clear (especially in the comments). :)