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As the year wraps up and the last of the big games roll out it's time to start our debate, the debate about what was the single greatest game of the year.

As we did last year, this year we've decided to pick a few finalists among us and then debate their merits. These are the games that have found a champion or champions within our staff. That means that each writer had to pick a single game that they feel is the best title of the year, no matter the platform or genre.

This year the seven of us have settled on four titles. Over the course of the remaining weeks of the year we will publicly debate the choices, trying to convince one another of the merits of our different choices.


After running these four debates we will each mull over the discussions and reach a decision for game of the year.

I sincerely hope you take the time to read through each's game's post (we will be posting one a day) and add to the discussion. Explaining why you think the game is or isn't the best of the year.

Until then, feel free to discuss, debate, delight in, wallow in, our four finalists as listed alphabetically below.

Call of Duty: Black Ops for the Xbox 360
Mass Effect 2
NBA 2K11
Red Dead Redemption

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Hrm, just played RDR, and I really don't get all the hooplah. Remove the western coat of paint and its still the same old rockstar formula with plot redundancies due to the informal mission structure, long drives full of chatty pointless dialogue, and so much down time in between missions that it slows the narrative to a halt.

I do get that a lot of people love the rockstar formula, and the western coat of paint made it accessible to a lot more people who were craving a good western game, but I just don't see how the game can really be deserving of GOTY if it really didn't do a whole lot new.

Mass Effect 2, on the other hand might have kept a very similar plot structure to ME1, but it improved tremendously on all the shortcomings, created characters you truly care about (the impossible mission had me on my toes since I honestly had no idea who would make it, and I didnt look up the requirements to keep everyone alive. The relief when they all made it through was one of the greatest videogame moments ever for me).

Havent played the other two, so I have no opinion there, but i am surprised to see black ops up there considering from what ive read and seen it doesnt do tremendously much different from mw2. could be mistaken.