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With These Cards, Show Your Po-Po-Po-Pokémon Face

Illustration for article titled With These Cards, Show Your Po-Po-Po-Pokémon Face

There are Pokémon cards that are used to play the Pocket Monsters card game, and then there are these. And these are magnificent.


Nintendo is releasing a set of Pokémon playing cards. There are, of course, a Pokémon Black set and a Pokémon White set, with two Zekrom cards as the Joker for the White set and two Reshiram cards as the Joker for the Black set.

Zekrom and Reshiram are the two Legendary Pockets Monsters for Pokémon: Black and White.


Priced at ¥525 (US$6.25), the cards go on sale on December 9.

ポケットモンスタートランプ [Nintendo]

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Speaking of Pokemon playing cards, I remember NO ONE actually played them, but instead collected them for trades and to show off (gotta catch em all, right?). Out of 10 people, only 1 knew the rules of the game.

I was one of them since I loved that old GBA Pokemon trading card game.