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Sep 26

Level-5's new action RPG Megaton-Kyuu Musashi is getting an anime adaptation that will debut next summer, the company announced today at the virtual Tokyo Game Show. The mecha game’s release is still TBA, but it’s slated for Switch, PS4, iOS and Android. 

Sep 24

Free-to-play mobile game Nier: Reincarnation, which wrapped up a closed beta in Japan last month, is getting a Western release. Slated for iOS and Android, details about its North American and European release are still scant. 

Jun 25

Last month, Kotaku reported that the in-person 2020 Tokyo Game Show was canceled and would be an online event. Today, organizers announced that Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online will be held for five days from September 23-27 through an official TGS channel with streams, videos, and an esports tournament. 

Sep 16 2019

Over the two business days and the two public days, here’s the total attendance tally for this year’s Tokyo Game Show: 262,076 people. That’s down from the 298,690 people who attended last year but more than the 254,311 people who attended in 2017.