Xbox Series S Already Got A Price Cut In Japan

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Image: Xbox
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The Xbox Series S isn’t out yet, but in Japan, it’s already getting a price cut.

Today, Microsoft Japan announced that the smaller next-gen console, originally priced 32,980 yen ($313) in the country, will retail for 29,980 yen, which with the current exchange rate is $285.


As pointed out on My Game News Flash, that means the Xbox Series S is 10,000 yen ($95) cheaper than the PlayStation 5 in Japan. It also brings the console’s Japanese pricing closer in line with its $299 pricing for the US.

When the console’s pricing was first revealed for Japan, there were complaints that it was slightly more expensive than expected. Among Japanese Xbox fans, this price cut is very welcome.

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I’m bet the 10 American expats who are going to buy those consoles in Japan are very happy!