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The Japanese Internet Reacts To The Xbox Series X and S

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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This week Microsoft showed off the Xbox Series X and S, and revealed the next-gen consoles’ price tags. So how has the news been received by the traditionally Xbox-spectic Japanese audience?

Since the launch of the original Xbox, Japan has been an uphill battle for Microsoft. The company tried hard with the Xbox 360 to appeal to Japanese players but still came up short, and it was a failure. The Xbox One’s Japan launch was also a disaster, but how might the Xbox Series X and S do in the country?


Below is a cross-section of comments from some of Japan’s most popular game sites My Game News Flash, Hachima, and GameSpark, as well as from 2ch, its biggest online bulletin board, and on the Xbox Japan announcement tweet. Hopefully they will provide insight to how commenters online in Japan think about these Xbox consoles.

One thing to point out is that the Xbox Series X is 49,980 yen ($470) and the Xbox Series S is 32,980 yen ($311). The dollar-yen exchange rate fluctuates, but Microsoft is pricing them consoles as though 100 yen equals one dollar, making them comparable (however, the Xbox Series S is priced at a slightly higher rate—something people in Japan have noticed). Though the pricing is very good for the country, and that alone might entice more folks to pick up a new Xbox.


Note that in Microsoft Japan’s official announcement, there’s no confirmation if Xbox All Access will be available.

Remember, these are online comments, and they represent a smaller subset of the larger population that will potentially purchase a next-gen game console. As previously mentioned, they are a cross-section and do not appear in order. Also, remember, this is Japan, so it’s probably safe to assume that the PlayStation 5 will be a big seller. But the question is, will Microsoft do better? We’ll find out soon enough!

“They’re cheaper than (rare) Famicom games!”

“I have an Xbox One X, and I want the Series X. The issue is how many units will be circulating in Japan. For the One X, it couldn’t be helped that wasn’t much motivation to sell...”

“Is there a difference between X and S?”

“Congrats on the official domestic announcement! I’m amazed at the pricing! (I was expecting it, though lol)“

“Well, whaddaya gonna do, Sony?”

“The S isn’t as small as I thought....”

“To be honest, those who have an Xbox are hentai gamers.”

“This is amazing, but they won’t catch on [in Japan]. Their blunders from the first Xbox really stung.”

“I’d want it if it had Windows in it.”

“The S is priced at 32,980? And not at 29,980 yen?”

“I’m expecting zero games I’ll play.”

“This really has nothing to do with anything, but launch day is my birthday.”

“The design sure is unrefined lol”

“The S doesn’t look like a problem, but the X seems so big that it will be hard to find a place near the TV to put it.”

“What games are coming out at launch?”

“I am moved by the local pricing. Thank you so much.”


“Well, that domestic pricing is amazing. Still, I’m not gonna buy one...”

“I hope Xbox is successful even in Japan.”

“Not interested.”

“$499→49,980 yen. $299→32,980 yen. Isn’t [Xbox Series] S a little expensive?”

“Now I want another Xbox. I have fond memories of the 360.”

“The question is whether or not there will be games to play.”

“I think this will sell with kids who want gaming PCs.”

“From announcement to the start of pre-orders, Xbox has already lost.”

“Please take steps, Microsoft, to combat resales!”

“The abbreviations are Box SX and Box SS?”

“My clothes are a size S, so I will buy the S.”

“I wonder if Microsoft thinks these are too cheap.”

“If there are no games, then it’s just a box.”

“Why the heck is the Xbox Series X’s pricing one dollar equals 100 yen and the Xbox Series S’s pricing one dollar equals 110 yen.”

“If the PS5 is 45,000 yen, then it’s game over.”

“Xbox 360: a draw (with Sony). Xbox One: a crushing defeat. Xbox Series X: an overwhelming victory.”

“To be honest, this inexpensive pricing is praise-worthy. Whether or not, they’ll sell, I don’t know.”

“This really has nothing to do with Japan.”

“In the first week, they might sell, what, 20,000 ~ 30,000 units?”

“I keep going back and forth on buying this and buying a PS5. Game Pass is appealing.”

“Crickets from Sony.”

“I’d hope that Xbox All Access also comes to Japan.”

“Even if it’s cheap, it’s just gonna probably break like the 360. I’ll never buy from them again.”

“It’s over for the PlayStation.”

“For the whole country, I imagine the inventory will be 1,000 units.”


“In Japan, 0.1 percent of gamers purchased the Xbox and its successors. The only people [in Japan] with these consoles are very smelly and not cool. Who is going to buy these?”

“This will do well abroad.”

“Series S is expensive?”

“Release the new Earth Defense Force on it, and I’ll buy it.”

“Sony must be freaking out.”

“I wonder if the Nintendo Switch thinks they’re too cheap.”

“The Xbox is gonna win.”

“When’s the new Forza coming out?”

“Nobody is buying this in Japan.”

“Don’t worry, PS5.”

“Series X is way too cheap, right??!!”

“History will repeat itself.”

“I am 1,000 percent buying one.”

“Do Xbox All Access for Japan.”

“If I were an American, I would totally buy one.”

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