7:46 PM

My latest Super Mario Maker 2 level took me quite a while to complete. I might actually use this as an example to write a piece about what happens when you way overscope a project. I did a lot of trimming. As always, let me know what you think! [Update: Deleted and reposted the level with some fixes.]

11:53 AM

I just really want Super Mario Bros. 2 Maker, is I guess what I’m trying to get at, here. DBP-VYW-KMF if you want to see how close I got without the actual tools. It’s not very close, folks. If you’re also making levels, maybe enter our latest contest!

9:45 PM

Apologies in advance, as I expect my latest Super Mario Maker 2 level to occupy much of the video game discourse for months to come. I anticipate many a thinkpiece. If you want to try for yourself, it’s 7JF-QBH-34G. Just know that you, the “player,” are implicated in all that happens.

2:39 PM

Proud to announce that my latest Super Mario Maker 2 level “Shlooter!” is pay-to-win. Send me five bucks and I’ll beat the level for you. If you want to try to play it yourself, the code is RSK-QH6-CWF.

7:39 PM

I totally missed this when it was announced earlier this week, but the Switch is finally getting an official stylus to go with Super Mario Maker 2. It’s only been announced as a preorder bonus for Japan and Europe so far, but hopefully Nintendo will give it away in the U.S., too.