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Mario Maker 2’s Hell Level Is Even Worse In Counter-Strike

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Sometimes, you’ve just got to dust off an old classic. And ruin it. Last month, that’s exactly what one Mario Maker 2 player did with the original Super Mario Bros’ opening level, transforming it into a lava stick hellscape for freaks who like to be voraciously licked by slavering flame tongues. The nightmare obstacle course proceeded to go viral, and the rest is history. Now somebody’s remade that remake in Counter-Strike, of all games, and they’ve found a way to make it even worse.


Zool Smith was inspired by comments from Counter-Strike mapmaker extraordinaire Shawn “Fmpone” Snelling, who suggested that some monster “could do the lava chains moving in multiple different directions, not just side-to-side like in the Mario Maker one.” Smith decided to be that monster.

It’s a Counter-Strike map, so you move through it in first person. You’d think that would make it easier, but the fire chains move every which way now, making it more difficult to decipher an optimal route through the chaos—if, indeed, there is one. Also, first-person platforming is inherently more likely to make people lose their dang minds than sidescrolling hop ‘n’ boppery, so basically just fuck all of this. Anyway, you can grab the map here. Have fun!

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I wish it had been some other level which captured the world’s attention with MM2. “1-1 with a twist” is so basic and banal, the lamest possible depiction of “difficult” there could have been, whereas there are actually creative, actually difficult levels out there by infinitely more clever people which just get swept under the rug.